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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Jack was born and raised in London to Cypriot parents and forever feeling so distant from his roots, found a connection through folk dance. He was passionate about Greek dancing, musical instruments and rhythms from a very early age, and through this drive, determination and passion of Greek folk dance he would continue his work inspiring others as he got older, developing and perfecting his teaching techniques as well as researching his favourite subject matter.  In 2013, he launched a now a highly respected and successful Greek dance company in London, Figoura Ltd, and in 2016 he founded the UK's first Greek Folk Dance Festival bringing some of the hear and soul of the Greek lands to the UK for everyone to enjoy.

Jack is a highly enthusiastic and passionate performer, dancer and instructor, with over 32 years of dancing experience and a huge repertoire of dances with knowledge in both the modern diaspora requirements and traditional Greek folk dancing.​  Jack has been Greek dancing from the age of 8, and has built up a wealth of knowledge and dance styles from all over Greece, Cyprus, Asia Minor and Pontos and is also well-accustomed to the traditions of the modern Greek diaspora making his an all round instructor.

Trained to performance level, Jack has maintained his continued interest through years of teaching and performing. He has been both a chairman and performer of a well established semi-professional folk dance group for 4 years, and has performed both nationally and internationally. He frequently visits Greece to see other performing groups and regularly takes part in seminars both in the UK and abroad. 

In 2011, Jack appeared on the popular TV show, 'Celebrity Come Dine with me' and in 2014 taught celebrities on the popular Saturday night show 'Dancing on Ice' alongside British ice dancers and former British, European, Olympic and World champions, Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean.

When Jack isn't dancing, he is working professionally as an IT Consultant and regularly plays squash and hockey and enjoys long cycle rides and walks.  His passion for musical instruments means that whilst he doesn't consider himself an expert of any one instrument, he does enjoy learning about traditional instruments, how they are played and understanding the connection between dancer and musician. Jack loves collecting musical instruments and has even pondered with the idea of a museum of Greek folk instruments if he could ever afford it!

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